Visual Narrative || Interstitials| Week Two + Three

I started editing video by choosing my favorite scenes from the original NASA video and cropping those down. Because the original footage was long, I had many options, and going back and forth viewing all the shots and listening to the beat to know where should I start and end each shot got confusing and wasn’t as efficient. So when I discovered that you can add markers by playing with the toolbar, I added them whenever the beat changed or a loop started. This helped me structure and divide the video down into sections: an intro, outro and seven sections in the middle:

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.21.45 PM.png

After I showed the first 10 seconds in the first critique, I got feedback to try and explore the shadows for the full video. However, because I didn’t have enough footage of the shadows that didn’t work out, but I made the shadows more prominent by moving the overlapping video more to the left so that it doesn’t cover up most of the shadows.

I continued editing the video, and I used the structure I created to plan the treatments:
Intro + Outro:
They don’t have a lot of cuts, they start with one shot and at the midpoint, an overlapped video appears, where half of each video shows at the end.
Middle Point:
The only shot that is sideways (opposed to birds view) and gets really close to the surface
– One section is in-between the intro and middle point
– The other section is between the middle point and the end
They each show three shots, and the cuts in each zoom closer to the surface.
Consistent Treatment: the textured effects (like film and the noise) were used throughout the video, but the bigger effects (like glitches) were restricted to small moments were the music beat sounds like a glitch could happen to avoid overusing them, which would have made them more of a gimmick rather than a representation of the sound and a reflection of the style of the video. Also, the faded yellow edge of the shots always appear at the beginning of each section and disappear after the cut in the middle of each section, which helped create consistency and an added rhythm to the video.

I enjoyed making this video because I was able to experiment more with these effects and figuring out how to balance their use while using a variety but still creating a harmonious style for the whole video was an exciting challenge that I had to face.

Final Video:


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