Visual Narrative || Interstitials | Week One

Started the research for this project by looking at the MTV interstitials and some of the other artists that were on the list. Nothing really inspired me yet, so I decided to look on Vimeo instead since it’s where most artistic videos are uploaded. I looked under the staff picks section and found a lot of videos that interested me:

I then looked at my Pinterest boards, and through looking through those images other ideas formed for the interstitials.

My Ten Interstitial Ideas:
1. GIFs I see throughout my day
2. Aerial satellite images of changing Qatar neighborhoods
3. Glitched photos of Mars or Moon (panning over the satellite photos)
4. Video footage of what’s outside the car window of my route from home to uni
5. Video of roofs around the places I usually spend my time in: our house, my sister’s house, my grandma’s house and uni
6. Still video shots of my neighborhood at night
7. Animation of colorful geometric abstract shapes animations
8. Sea of Arabic type that moves slowly with words floating up to write out a sentence
9. Vibrating abstract lines created with processing
10. Illustrations of phones (showing the progress and evolution of the tech)

I choose to go ahead with the idea of Aerial Moon footage edited with filters and effects from Premiere (like glitches) and syncing the movements with the music. I was most interested in this idea for several reasons:

  1. I love space and the moon and would like to explore why I love it visually through this video
  2. I never experimented with glitching video before, good opportunity for me to explore
  3. The video will hold three levels of “stories”:
    – First Level: the process of making the video
    – Second Level: the narrative of the beauty of the moon’s surface
    – Third Level: the history of what happened on the moon (moon landing and geologically)
  4. The aesthetic of the video will go well with the Hekayat tasmeem branding

I then started looking for footage of the moon and found this 4K footage from NASA of a tour of the moon. I then found another link to the video that allows you to download the original footage, and it was public domain so I could use it for my project:

I looked into glitching effects on Premiere and found this plugin that had many effects I was looking for, and I downloaded the trial to play with:

I then started to look for music that could work from SoundCloud. I narrowed down the choices to ones that had a beat that would create an interesting pace for the video:
I downloaded three and cropped the sound to 30 seconds, and continued thinking about the pace of the editing, and the how often the tempos changed in that 30 seconds and I choose Lunar Vision.


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