Visual Narrative || Zine Project | Week Three

After realizing white paper achieved the look I was going for better — pops of yellow — I started planning my zine.

So I folded a5’s down to make the spreads and started to add where I wanted each article, I knew I wanted the feature to start in the middle, which gave a limit to where the other articles started and ended:

I struggled at first when I was trying to figure out what kind of visuals I wanted to add. Then I noticed that others used the narrative of the articles to guide the visuals. So I looked at my text and started to plan what kind of visuals I wanted on the page and the accompanying texts — this helped me organize my zine better and have an idea on how the pacing was going and the balance between diverse yet consistent visuals that support the text.

After that I started to find and make the images that went on most pages, some of the images were changed because as I was making other ideas and happy accidents took precedent to the plan, so I was happy that I didn’t plan it fully, but kept enough room for experiments that came up through the making.

I also edited all the images I used to be monotone and consistent, but they were still diverse because they were showing different things, so some I just used the monotone version, some I printed out and played with on the scanner to further distort the image and create new textures.

Some of the initial spreads – previous versions:

Student Critique Feedback: from Maryam, Noor, and Sara

– Audience ID:
Clear, anyone who likes yellow, Noor was surprised that it looked sophisticated even though it was yellow – so it could appeal to others who want to see if yellow can be pulled off

– Typography:
1. Change type treatment for songs – the verses layout show it’s a song more, maybe start with it
2. Like the organicness of type cutouts
3. Like how the type cutouts stack
4. Liked the highlighted words
5. Likes how the type stays white for the song – suggestion, keep it the same for all of it, yellow only added to imagery not type

– Images / Treatment:
1. Music notes image, add yellow by adding a transparent yellow sheet or highlighting the words
2. Add a wash of yellow to music notes page to keep consistency with rest of zine

– Legibility/Readability:

– Interest:
1. Each page is more interesting because of different styles
2. The small yellow pops of color added a sophistication to yellow

– Highlights:
1. Page with small yellow page peaking in – could add dimension by not gluing it all down, so when it’s scanned shadows appear
2. Page with yellow peeking through was a highlight

– Boring:
The ripped pages are too repetitive, maybe reduce the amount it happens

Check Sections:
– Articles:
Like the overall pace if it – notes above
– Feature:
Make the paper yellow – the main part
– Credits:

Overall, the process of making the zine physically was harder than I expected, and required more planning beforehand than other publication projects, because there were a lot of pieces that you needed to manage and you had to make sure all the time that the process is done right — once it’s on the parent sheet it’s hard to change it a lot.


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