Visual Narrative || The Zine Project |Week One

For my subgenres that I was a fan of, I decided to move away from the usual tv shows and movies type of fans, and I decided to explore what I was a fan of visually so that I can explore that more through the zine.

So I came up with the sea, how yellow became my favorite color two years ago, and how I’m always interested in shadows – specifically the ones architecture creates. I ended up choosing Yellow because it was the one I was most interested in, and I could incorporate the shadows through the imagery I find or use.

So I started to research a bit more into zines, and I found this article from Mental Floss that gave A Brief History of Zines that was more detailed than the video we saw in class, and it was interesting to read about how the genres evolved over time, and how technology helped it become more popular.

Then I found this article on the Issuu blog that talked about the difference between a zine and a magazine, and through that website, I found digital versions of zines, with different visual styles (like entropy: a zine), so it can be a good resource to come back to later for more inspiration.

I also found two books from the VCUQ library website that sound very interesting, that I’ll go check out when I get back to school. One is called Make a zine! : when words and graphics collide By Bill Brent Joe Biel, the other is called Stolen sharpie revolution 2: a DIY zine resource for zines and zine culture by Alex Wrekk.

I then started to look for text about yellow. I found multiple articles about the psychological meaning of the color yellow:

    (5-6% of people’s favorite color is yellow)

I found this blog post about a person writing why yellow is their favorite color:

I then found articles about how/why famous Artists used yellow:

  3. (Why is yellow so prominent in Van Gogh’s paintings?)
  4. (Vincent van Gogh also painted his starry nights and sunflowers with this vivid and joyful hue. “Oh yes! He loved yellow, did good Vincent, the painter from Holland, gleams of sunlight warming his soul, which detested fog,” wrote the painter Paul Gauguin of his friend and artistic companion)

And here is the Pinterest board I started to collect images and inspiration for the zine’s visuals, layout, and format.


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