Visual Narrative || Kinetic Type | Week One


I found it hard to find something that I was interested in working with from the best speech videos on YouTube, so I decided to look up monologues from my favorite movies and shows directly. I also ran into a problem there because most of them were over two minutes, like the Ferris Bueller opening scene monologue. So I looked into Doctor Who monologues because the Doctor always goes into monologues in important scenes. I found many, and choose my favorite two. I then remembered there was a great scene in the season finale of The Good Place, but when I rewatched it I realized it was too much of a spoiler because it was a huge twist. I also found two monologues from The Martian that fit the one minute mark.

I had to choose between four monologues, two from Doctor Who and two from The Martian. I eliminated one from the Martian (the heating problem scene) because it wasn’t as important as the other, and I eliminated one from Doctor Who (Vincent van Gogh speech) because it was too monotoned. I was then able to choose from the last two because the Doctor Who speech had a lot of variety in the speech (like shouting), that I thought will give me more to work with than The Martian, which I thought would give me more visual cues. And since this was a type-based video, what I can pull from the sound component was more important.

Doctor Who – The Pandorica Speech
HELLO STONEHENGE!! Who takes The Pandorica takes the universe! But, bad news, everyone — cause guess who!! Ha! Except, you lot, you’re all…whizzing about…it’s really VERY distracting, could you all just stay still for a minute, because I!!! AM!!! TALKING!!!!! Now: The question of the hour is, who’s got The Pandorica. Answer: I do. Next question! Who’s coming to take it from me? COME ON, *look* at me! *no* plan, *no* backup, *no* weapons worth a damn, OH, and — something else — I. Don’t. Have. Anything TO LOSE. So, if you’re sitting up there in your silly little spaceship with all your…silly…little… guns…and you’ve got any plans on taking The Pandorica TONIGHT, just REMEMBER who’s standing in your way. REMEMBER every black day I ever stopped you, and then, ANNND THEN. — DO the SMART THING…let somebody else try first.”

Hear it here:


I listened to the speech multiple times, and separated the sentences where I heard pauses or breaks so that I could divide them into sections:

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 1.17.12 PM.png

I also looked at the video and how the angles were shot and how the transitions were cut, to see if I can pull anything from it to use in the video. I also used the enunciations of the Doctor to inform how the words would appear on the screen, in what size and for how long. Here are the sketches of the storyboard:

Starting to Experiment

I first researched what typefaces were used in Doctor Who to see if I can use them in my video, and I found this blog post where they found all the typefaces used for the titles:

I then kept that in mind when I went to Typekit to find more typefaces that could work for the aesthetic of the show. I found around eight that I thought could work and I tested them out:

I then used the typefaces that I thought worked well with the show’s aesthetic and started to experiment with animating it in AfterEffects:



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