Visual Narrative || Three Posters | Final Posters


Pushing Daisies Final Posters_Page_2.jpg

Blue in the show represents death, yellow represents life. So the background is blue and the type is yellow accordingly to signify that the pie maker is back from the “dead” (as in from the canceled show).


Pushing Daisies Final Posters_Page_1.jpg

The quote talks about life and death, so the illustrations I used are symbols of that. The stopwatch is the one-minute countdown of time where you can bring someone back to life and not kill an equal thing in return. The rotten and fresh strawberries represent how the pie maker uses his talent to bring fruit back to life to bake into pies. The beehive represents Chuck (the alive again childhood sweetheart) and the daisies are the symbol of the dead (pushing daisies). The green represents the field/ground where the flowers, strawberries and dead people are.


Pushing Daisies Final Posters_Page_3.jpg

This poster shows the setting, The Pie Hole, where most of the show takes place, and therefore is the pragmatic one. I edited the colors of the building slightly to be brighter and I changed the ground color to blue; because blue is related to death (and the ground is closer to the graves), and then you move up to the yellow, the color of life in the show.

Overall System:

  • Colors are derived from the show’s set.
  • The number of colors increases in each poster as the level of information increases.
  • Title and date are always in the center bottom area of the poster and are in the color of the least used color of the poster.
  • A balance between simple illustrations and enough detail in bright colors to capture the show’s energy.

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