Visual Narrative || Three Posters | Week Two P1

I finished watching the show on Sunday. So I went through all my notes and organized them according to the characters and overall concepts:

Overall Concepts:

  • Narrator very particular (States lifetime to the minute)
  • Symmetrical/Composed cinematography shots
  • Juxtaposition: Quirky atmosphere and attitude – fun colors and deals with the dead and murderers.
  • Predominantly Green, Red, Orange & Yellow – Blue Skies
  • Lots of patterns
  • Rooms have either same pattern on everything – Same pattern different colored backgrounds.
  • Yellow Light = Life
  • Blue Light = Death
  • 1 Minute Timer – Grace Period (Revive the dead with touch without killing someone else)
  • The other death is random proximity to the pie maker
  • “First touch life, second touch dead again forever”
  • “You touch murder victims, you ask who killed them, you touch them again they go back to being dead, and then you collect the reward. That’s it in a nutshell.”

Symbols & Objects:

Chuck & Ned:

  • Reincarnated
  • Daises & Bees
  • Smuggling Monkeys
  • Need barrier to touch: Wall, Plastic wrap, masks, glass wall, gloves
  • Holds their hands/hug themselves and pretend that they are touching each other
  • Played Monsters as kids & looked at same moon when they were separated
  • I thought my world would be a better place with you in it 37:50
  • You cant just touch somebodies life and be done with it yes I can 25:31
  • Chuck’s white coffin at funeral resurrection

Emerson Cod:

  • Private Investigator
  • Knits when nervous
  • Drawer filled with money stored in knitted poaches

Lily & Vivian:

  • Birds & Birdcages – Taxidermy and Real
  • Rumor that they are witches and turned boys into birds
  • Synchronized Swimmers – Darling Mermaid Darlings
  • Love Cheese – Call Refrigerator a Cheesebox


  • The facts were these

These are some of the other screenshots I took that captured the aesthetic of the show:

I also looked at posts on Pinterest about Pushing Daisies, to discover what resonated with other viewers, so that I could get a wider scope of the impression it left people. Here are some of the posters others designed and images I found:

After all the primary and secondary research, I started to write down any ideas I had for the three modes of communication posters.

Here are the ideas:
Pragmatic – Synopsis of Murder Detective Show:

  • Morgue scene ned touching dead person with one finger
  • Typographic poster explaining plot
    The Facts were these:
    The Piemaker that wakes the dead
    The undead childhood sweetheart
    The Knitting Private Investigator
    Solve murder crimes to gather the rewards
  • Pattern backgrounds with all the characters

Persuasive – Pitched as Romantic Drama:

  • Beehives on rooftop
  • Ned & Chuck dancing on rooftop in bee suits
  • Ned & Chuck Playing as kids
  • Funeral meeting scene

Poetic – Symbol – Simple Illustration:

  • One Minute Timer
  • Birds view of pie hole with abstract figures of all four characters
  • grab some plastic wrap

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