Visual Narrative || Three Posters | Week One

The restriction of movies shows or books having to be released by 2007 and before was limiting at first, because all of the movies and shows that came to mind were recent. Checking each movie was taking long without me finding any. So I decided to look through lists of all the movies released in 2007 and moved backward. I was hoping to either find movies directly on the list or have a movie on the list trigger the memory of another. That’s how I choose Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Mary Poppins. At the same time, I was thinking about my favorite shows that could have been before 2007, and I remembered Pushing Daisies. When I checked, only the first season was released in 2007, so I decided just to use that season.

The thing that was in common in all three options was that they all have a lot of layers and visuals that I could deconstruct and pull from to make the posters – they each had a unique visual style.

These are my descriptions for them; I based them on the trailers, synopsis, and my memory since I didn’t find a lot of review content for them.

Pushing Daisies
Word: Resurrection
Sentence: Permanent resurrection for love, temporary resurrection for justice and reward.
Paragraph: Ned – a diemaker – restores life to the dead with a single touch. He helps a private investigator to solve murders. However he also brought back his childhood sweetheart from the dead — but if he ever touches her, she’d die for good.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Word: Spontaneous
Sentence: Day off from school to explore Chicago and have an adventure.
Paragraph: Ferris fakes being sick to skip school with two of his friends, borrow his friend’s dad’s Ferrari to go on a spontaneous adventure around Chicago, because “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Mary Poppins
Word: Transformation
Sentence: Magical Nanny arrives at the Bank’s house to help restore balance to the dysfunctional family.
Paragraph: Mary Poppins takes the kids on an adventure that tries to preserve their wonder and instill values like kindness in them. The transformed children then help change the father by showing him an act of kindness which mends the family and restores harmony.

I choose Pushing Daisies for multiple reasons, the sets had a highly designed visual style so I would be able to pull from all the patterns and colors and compositions. It had a great storyline, and I couldn’t find any other posters except for the promotional ones, so I thought it would be an opportunity for me to explore the show in another style, whereas the other two movies have a lot of other posters designed by fans.

Because it’s a show, I couldn’t follow the exact beginning middle and end structure – so I decided to break it down into each episode. As I watched, I took screenshots of scenes that either had a pattern color or composition that I thought was interesting and I could potentially use them in the posters. I also wrote notes of symbols, objects that had meaning or quotes from what was said, with time stamps so I could go back and refer to the scene.

Here are some of the screenshots:


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