Type II // Sustainable Packaging / Balaleet in a Box

Balaleet in a Box.

The box comes with the main ingredients and the recipe for Balaleet; a dish that’s a part of  the Qatari culture & tradition. The main objective of this product, is to create a sustainable package for the ingredients, that can also preserve it for a long time. I packaged the ingredients in reusable airtight glass jars so they can reach their maximum shelf life. I packaged the jars in between recycled paper shreds to keep them from moving around in the forest sustainable wooden box. The box comes with easy and fast upcycling ideas that anyone can do. This way more people will be encouraged to upcycle and reuse rather than throw away and waste packaging material.The product is aimed at foreigners and tourist. For tourists to take home with them as souvenirs and gifts, or for foreigners to buy it as a treat for themselves. That’s why the product is packed in high quality wood, to give it a higher end status that can be presented as a gift.

The main type is inspired by the curved form of the vermicelli. The rest of the type is based on the geometric and condensed structure of a box, with a handmade twist, to link it to the handmade craft of the box and the food. The colors are inspired from red saffron dissolving over the yellow vermicelli, which also inspired the use of watercolor for the name of the product, and the illustration styles.



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