Type I // Project Poster / Week 1

For this project we had to combine all the work we did this semester in Type 1 in one poster. So I first collected all of my best elements I previously created; the letters, sentences & paragraphs and kept them in one file, so I could work more efficiently.

I then took my best compositions and placed them on top of the image poster. However I realized straight away that it won’t work, because it didn’t work well with the components of the image, and it fit in awkwardly. So I decided to only use the fonts I used for my compositions, because they were informed choices, but compose them on the poster differently to respond to the elements that were already there. I made multiple compositions and iterations of those compositions to explore the possibilities and outcomes these elements can create together.

First Compositions

After we got feedback, most of us didn’t consider that our final poster would be an A1, so all our type was going to be really big on the final poster. So I first resized all of my type to the right size, so I can know the scale and overall shape of the type compared to the elements in the image. In my first composition I experimented with different ways to separate the parrot from the sentence. For the second compositions, I choose my best three. I then choose the composition with the single line sentence and created iterations of it. I liked it more because it was really simple, and it contrasted the image really well, because the image has many elements and is quite busy.

Second Compositions

I choose to tile this one, because raising the parrot above the sentence baseline imitates how parrots fly, or wander off upwards. The paragraph is simple and aligns with the empty space between the (قة).

Tiled Composition


The final critique helped me finalize and refine my poster. It was brought up that I should raise the parrot upwards more, and I should lower the identity, because it looked like a flag. I didn’t notice these two at the smaller A3 scale. However as soon as Law pointed out the flag, I couldn’t not see a flag. So I brought it down more, so it breaks the gestalt, and the idea of a flag. I also moved the name closer to it to align with the black area of the identity. When Leland pointed out the parrot thing, I noticed that it looked wrong because it looked too grounded when it was placed on the edge of the green mat, and that it should be higher to imitate the action of wandering off.


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