M+P // Deconstruction / Week 3

I started researching stars and constellations that mean love or affection to add in the posters. I couldn’t find ones with direct links. However I did find two stars in the summer triangle that are part of Chinese and Japanese mythologies of two star crossed lovers. I then started looking through NASA’s image database, because they’re the only ones who have really high quality space images for print. As I was looking through I came across a moon that looks like the death star. So I thought it would be interesting to add fun easter eggs in the posters that reference space movies. I also added the black hole and planets mentioned in Interstellar, as a link to the movie.Untitled 1.08.42 PM.jpgSentences of Affection:

  1. We like you
  2. We love you
  3. We enjoy your company
  4. We enjoy spending time with you
  5. You make us happy
  6. You make us laugh
  7. You make our day
  8. You make our day brighter
  9. We hope you have a great day
  10. I wish you happiness

Ju’s Code


Faheem’s Way Finding System

We then shared all our individual work together, and we agreed that it was all working well together. We then started production on the installation. We first tested out two positioning of the holes on the bucket; in the centre or on the edge. The one on the edge worked better because it allowed the ball to roll through better. We then covered the inside of the buckets with foil so that the silver texture is continuous throughout the hanged installation. We extended the metallic silver cover on the outside of the bucket, so it hides the position of the tube. We created a system to maximize efficiency, Faheem & I were working on covering the buckets with the foil. When we finish we hand it to Ju who cuts out the silver poster using the popcorn bucket template we made and he covers the bucket with it. Splitting the work helped us finish the task much faster, because we got into a rhythm.

The next time we met, we started to connect the other tubes to the two main tubes to create the complex system. Faheem also tested hanging the cup from the ceiling, and it worked great, because the thread was really thin and clear, so it really looked like it was floating. Ju & I perforated the codes using a tool from Fashion, we had to fold the perforated lines well so that they could be ripped off the page easily. We decided on make space footprints as the path guide to match our space aesthetic, so I created a simple vector illustration of the footprints.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.29.59 AM.png

We met again on Saturday to start installing everything. We spent a long time trying to balance the tubes and cups, trying to hang them at an angle while stretching them to allow the ball to roll through smoothly. However because the other tubes were already attached, it weighed everything down, and unless we were holding and stretching the main two tubes, the ball kept getting stuck in the tube. We tried holding the cups in place from the ceiling and the floor, however the one on the floor wasn’t that secure because the rug wasn’t long or strong enough to hold the thread, so if someone walks on it, or kicks it by mistake it would come off. We also tried to hang it to the bookshelves on the sides, it also didn’t work out because it moved the installation sideways.

We then decided to remove the other tubes and focus on the main two tubes and secure them in place first, so we used tape to map out the anchor points of the tube and the length of the thread itself.


We came back the next day and started to use the invisible thread to hang the tubes. It worked this time because we made sure that the blue tape was holding the tubes at the right angle for the ball to roll through. Some wires needed to be tighter, so we fixed that by tapping it to the tube.

After we finished hanging the two main tubes, we attached the other three tubes the same way. Checking every time we hung a part that ball still rolls through. We then used foil to cover all the white tape we used to secure the threads on the tubes.

I got some label sticker paper, and started to print and cut out the foot prints and floor labels. We decided to keep a white box for the floor label, and to inverse the colors of the footprints. Because white would contrast more with the grey carpet in the library. So the audience can notice it and know straight away where to walk and that each cup is for a group of seven people only. We decided to stick it two hours before the experience so that it doesn’t get ripped by people walking into the library all day.

We also tested out the lighting, so we can be prepared on the day to know which ones to close. Faheem put on the Interstellar soundtrack while we were working and people walking by got the idea of our installation. So we decided to add sound to our installation, so that it’s sets the mood and can help get our idea across. It was really encouraging as well when the people walking by got that our installation looked like the two cups with strings that they played with as kids. It proved to us that the change in scale didn’t affect our sign of the two cups and string for communication.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 11.20.16 AM.pngimg_1276 2.jpg


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