M+P // Deconstruction / Week 1

I choose to deconstruct the movie, The Time Traveller’s Wife. So I rewatched the movie and noted down scenes and moments that were important. I noticed the mood and how the lighting changed with the weather and the characters’ emotions. The theme that I was really interested in deconstructing was, how he was able to time travel because of a genetic disorder, rather than time traveling with a time machine.

Deconstruction Notes:

I was put into a group with Faheem & Ju, because we all had themes about time. We first discussed which movie to choose. We all agreed on Interstellar, because we all saw it and were interested in it. So we thought it was the right movie and theme to move forward with. We then started to think about the main points of the plot that we wanted to focus on, we agreed on these five:

  • Communication
  • Time difference
  • Parallel universe
  • Gravity
  • Affection

We then made a sentence that linked these five elements together so that we can refer back to it as we were working: Communication through gravity, irrespective of barriers between the parallel universes and time, because of his affection for his daughter. The professors then informed us that we shouldn’t use the movie’s characters, just the movie’s ideas, so we changed it to: Communication through gravity, irrespective of barriers between the parallel universes and time.

We then agreed that each person would come up with two ideas of how we should make the installation, so that we have a total of six at the end.

As part of my research to generate ideas, I started to look at videos explaining the movie’s science, watched the movie recap to refresh my memory of the storyline instead of watching it, because I did watch it before. I then brainstormed all five themes and generated ideas and signs for these themes. I also looked for inspiration online by researching the outcomes of my brainstorm. I then used all the research I found to sketch two main ideas for the installation, I also had other small ideas that acted as alternates to some ideas I had in the main two sketches.

visual research_Page_1.jpg

Visual Research

Group’s First Installation Ideas:

We then got together as a group and discussed all our ideas. We chose the best elements from each of our designs for each of the five themes. When we discussed it with the professors, they suggested we narrow it down to two main themes, and use the others as supporting themes. So that we can focus on communicating the idea of our main themes in the eight minutes we have to present to everyone.

We narrowed down our themes to affection and communication, and gravity was our supporting theme. We started discussing our place and installation. For the place we decided on the library because books can mentally transport you to another time and place, they are a form of communication, and the library’s floor has grid pattern, which we might try to manipulate. For the installation we decided to use paper cups with a string attached as the sign for communication, because it was the simplest form of communication, and can reach the widest audience. We also decided to use a red rope with a knot as the symbol of affection in the installation.

We then started to develop the installation further. Because the movie showed that the communication was one way. We thought of making only one of the cups work, to demonstrate one way communication. The annoyance and frustration the audience will feel because it doesn’t work well, will give them the experience of one way communication.  We also thought of covering the cups in something metallic. It would create a distorted reflection, which communicates our supporting theme, gravity distortion.

Notes I took of our group discussions:

When the professors said that in the eight minutes we have to present, the whole class should be able to interact with the installation. A problem we faced was trying to include everyone. The professors suggested expanding our installation to include more participants at once. Because our cups were going to be big, if we added a few more cups in two or three batches, everyone can experience our installation.

We divided the work between us for the next class. So each person was going to make a model of a cup, so that we can choose the best method to then make the final one. We also had to generate a backup idea incase this one doesn’t work out, and so we have more options to discuss with the professors.


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