M+P // Deconstruction / Final

Final Installation Photos & Video


Intentions of Our Choices:

  • Two Cups with a Connected Tube

Resembles two cups with string attached; childhood way of talking to each other, indexes communication.

  • Silver Foil Tube and Cups

Aesthetic resembles materials found in spaceships, indexes the visual language of space. Distortion caused by the silver cup indexes the distortion of gravity.

  • Complex System of Tubes

Symbolizes parallel universe and space. It allows the audience to think that they all will be able to send the ball through. However only two groups would be able to send and only two groups would be able to receive and decode.

  • Hanging the Installation with Invisible Thread

Illusion of floating installation, symbolizes gravity, make them feel as if they are in space.

  • Space Footprints

Used icons of a space boot foot print as a path guide, so it works well with the aesthetic and theme of space.

  • Coded Messages

Borrowed the idea of communicating with codes from the movie, Interstellar. We choose to make a pragmatic, simple code so that it can be understood by a wider audience.

  • Messages of Affection

Allows the groups to communicate affection, like the movie. Gave the senders a different set of messages than the receivers, so they can decode the message they receive with the chart, not by using the list of decoded messages we gave them. Also the act of choosing the message to send through would require the group to work together.

  • “7 People” Label

Uses a distorted font which indexes the distortion of gravity.

  • Font

We used the same font, Univers, in all our printouts except for the floor labels. The name of the font links back to our theme of space.

  • Space Posters

Cropped into three panels to look like screens or windows into space. Labels add detail of location in space. The planets and black hole are links to the movie. The death star moon and Vulcan planet are fun easter eggs.

  • Location

We choose the library because in the movie she received the codes near a bookshelf. Libraries have books, and books are a form of communication. They also can mentally transport you to another time and place.

  • Lighting

We closed all the lights in the library, and just kept the spotlights on the installation and poster. It helped focus the attention on the installation itself, and it made the atmosphere feel a bit more like space.

  • Sound

We played the Interstellar soundtrack as background music to link the installation and experience back to the movie. It also acted as a way to set the mood, and make the audience feel more affectionate.

  • Layers

Because our audience is broad, we created layers within the experience that can be understood by different people. The simple code can be understood by everyone. While people who are more into sci-fi movies would notice the easter eggs on the space poster, and would think of gravity distortion when they see their distorted selves in the reflection of the cups.

Ideas, Thoughts & Discoveries:

  • This project made me realize that when your making and designing an interactive experience, you should engage everyone in your audience, by using a hierarchy to break up your message. The main point should be developed as the simplest form of signs, so that you can reach a wider audience. Then you can use the supporting themes to reach a narrower audience within the wide one.
  • I found myself throughout this project planning, recording our thoughts, discussions and plans, coordinating with the library and getting the materials for the installation.
  • Throughout this course and especially this project I found out that materials can help lead and shape a project.
  • The silver tube material lead us to plan on connecting other tubes around the main tube to make it look complex, so the audience can’t figure out which side would work at first.
  • I learned to let go of my ideas, and be open to changes in ideas and plans.
  • I found that having discussions is a really important part in developing ideas and solving problems. Because through discussing ideas thoroughly, you let go of the bad ones, and you can find solutions to problems that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.
  • Compromising and refining ideas and plans lead to our final plan for the installation.
  • You can’t control everything in real life. I learned to adapt and work around problems that we faced in production.
  • When we ran into the difficulty of balancing the tubes on Saturday, I was starting to doubt if we would be able to achieve our initial plan by the deadline. However I really wanted it to end up with all the complex tubes attached, rather than just the two main tubes. So when we kept trying and it actually came together the way we wanted it the next day, it was much more rewarding. So I learned that I should always try and figure problems out, and I shouldn’t give up.

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