Type I // Paragraph / Reflections

  • Because of our experience with the sentence project. I started to automatically place the text within intervals in this project. And I found myself always considering the spacing between each part and between the paragraph and the edges of the page.
  • I discovered that Kashida isn’t only a way to track out sentences and words to make you read them slower. They can be useful in creating fully justified paragraphs, and good ragged edges without creating rivers in the paragraph. It also helps in achieving the fifty precent grey contrast for the text, because it allows more white space in between the letters.
  • Leading and type size also helps in achieving the fifty percent grey. Because the leading adds more space between the lines, therefore allowing whitespace to balance out the density of the black. The type size effected the fifty percent grey because the width of the type increases with the size, so the density of the black increase with the size. So the smaller size, the less dense the black would be, so the fifty percent grey would be easier to achieve.
  • I noticed that when I changed my typeface, the rag slightly changed with it. I realized that it was because each typeface has different forms of the same letters. So different typefaces effect the length of the line, because the letters are slightly different lengths.
  • Creating type systems to create compositions helped me become more efficient and manage my time better.
  • I choose my final compositions on which ones were made with the most informed decisions.

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