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Final Signs


Final Sign 1-02.jpg

  • Uses a universal car, a Jeep, as the typical car used for drifting
  • Simple monotone grey colors for the background, contrasting red to signal stop
  • The curved road reinforces the idea of drifting, because cars usually take sharp turns while they drift.
  • Reduced opacity of grey drift marks so the overlapping effect indexes that a lot of drifting happens here
  • The drift marks leave the road to show how the cars drift off the road as well


Final Sign 1-01.jpg

  • Uses the usual shape of the local car that is used to drift in Qatar.
  • Focuses more on the man standing on the drifting car, which makes it more of a local icon.
  • The texture of the gitrah adds to the visual language of the local sign.
  • The shadows in the texture of the gitrah add dimension to the body of the man, which makes it look like wind is blowing at the thoub.


Final Sign 1-08.jpg

  • The overlapping lines and the repetition helps visualize the drifting marks that is seen on the road as the aftermath of drifting.
  • I choose to make three red drift marks, because the number three is a dynamic number.
  • I also liked how organic the overlapping of the red lines are. It looks unplanned and random, which is how drifting marks are made.


Final Sign 2-12.jpg

  • I created a really simple landscape with solid colors, to keep the sign minimal and keep the focus on the activity.
  • The type of car is the same as what Qatari men would use to drift.
  • The red hand is in a lower opacity, so that you can see all the drift marks on the road and the car.
  • The hand is aligned with the horizon line of the road.
  • Everything is in it’s simplest form, so that it can send a direct message to drifters that drifting is not allowed.


Final Sign 2-11.jpg

  • The vernacular sign is specific to Qatari men who drift with their Land Cruiser in neighborhoods and cities.
  • It borrows their visual language, the red gitrah, the Land Cruiser, the Doha skyline, to communicate to these groups of men, that drifting is not allowed.
  • The Doha skyline is in a lower opacity to give the sign a sense of depth.

Challenges I Faced & Things I Learned:

  • Experimentation leads to good ideas. So by experimenting with material, I got the idea of using the red gitrah as a substitute for no.
  • I was finding it challenging to reach my audience and keeping it really simple so that it communicates the message fast enough for a passing car. Then Leland said it doesn’t have to be a traffic sign for roads, that it could be for driving school. I was then able to add more details that helped me target my audience.
  • Having the limitation of not using the crossbar as a no sign was initially such a struggle, however through research and experimentation, it lead to more creative ideas rather than the cliches.

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