Type I // Sentence / Week 3

   With the previous compositions, I focused on putting emphasis on the words that were important, and breaking up the sentence with intention. I didn’t really think about the proportions between each part, I just placed them where the visually looked right on the page.

   So I tried to first adjust all the spacings on my compositions on the laptop, but I was stuck and didn’t know how to place the text on the grid or how to improve the compositions. Then I remembered how for the word project, printing out the word while I was kerning helped me find out what to fix. So I took all my composition printouts, and choose compositions that were made with informed decisions on how to break off the sentences, where each part is placed, and which words to emphasis. Then I mapped out on the page what I should align, where the text should be, how big the space between each part is. I then used these notes and the grid on InDesign to make sure that the spacing between each part had a proportionate relationship to the other.


Second Latin Composition Refinements

After the critique we had to choose our best composition. I choose this composition, because everything was placed with an intention, and I liked how it looked visually.

Best Composition.png

I broke up the sentence to three parts to activate the page. I aligned the first and third part of the sentence and broke the alignment with the word ‘parrot’, because the sentence talks about ‘a wandering parrot’, so I let the word ‘parrot’ wander off the alignment to visualize that action.  I also condensed the phrase ‘wandering parrot’, to bring attention to the words by distinguishing them from the rest of the sentence, since it was typeset differently. I also condensed it to juxtapose the idea of wandering and flying away, with being constrained and condensed in a small space, which is reflected in the space between the letters.  There is also a relationship between the spacing of the parts. I used a grid to make sure that the parrot is one fourth of the way down compared to the space between the first and last part, and is twice the space horizontally from the vertical alignment of the two parts.

  Color Explorations for Chosen Composition

For these explorations, I choose blue and orange, because they were the two colors that both had meaning and were colors that didn’t affect the legibility of the sentence. I thought the orange composition worked well, because the sentence talks a lot about joy and cheerfulness. Because ‘wandering parrot’ was emphasized twice, I then typeset ‘wandering’ like the rest of the text, and kept ‘parrot’ condensed, so the orange color is what connected them together.

Untitled 12.53.47 PM.jpg

The composition changed because when I started working on the A3 composition, I opened the last refinement of the A3s and I started adjusting some of them, I tried to do the same effect of aligning everything, and breaking the alignment with ‘parrot’. When I asked Leland if it was okay if both compositions did the same thing, he suggested that I used the A3 composition, cause it looked better, and make a new composition for the A4, because the two compositions should look different.


I then started to experiment with my other A4 compositions to try and find a different way to disconnect the word ‘parrot’ from the sentence to bring attention to it.

A4 Composition Experiments

In our final critique, I discussed my A4 options with the professors, my best one was the connected sentence, however they said the added lines might be too gimmicky, so they suggested I remove all the connecting lines, and just let the ascenders and descenders align and that will optically make it look connected. After I tried it out, it did look much better. The slightly looser leading worked better, since it gave the type more breathing space.


We also got the chance to critique each other’s work, we had to choose someone else’s composition and talk about what we think is working and what can be improved, I choose this composition:

File_000 copy.jpeg

  • I liked how the diagonal line across the page is going upward, because the sentence talks about a spaceship, so the movement diagonally upwards can be connected to that word. However if the diagonal line wasn’t exactly forty five degrees, and from corner to corner, it might create a more interesting composition.
  • The added graphic line is in the warm orange color so it balances the color part of the sentence. However if the graphic line is the same width as the bigger type, it would create a stronger relationship between them.
  • The middle part of the sentence is a bigger type size so it gives the illusion that the sentence line is somehow three dimensional, because it’s small gets bigger then goes back to small.
  • The simplicity of the composition works well with the modern typeface.

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