Type I // Sentence / Week 2

   We had to choose two typefaces for Latin & Arabic. I choose Avenir & Bodoni for Latin, Helvetica Neue & Koufiya for Arabic. Then we had to experiment with different compositions that activate the page in both landscape and vertical orientations, and on A4 & A3 size pages. My experiments ranged from simple compositions to trying a lot of different things at once. I even typeset some that were either cliches, or redundant because they communicated the same thing, just to see how they would look like. Because I had more things to play with in Latin, the experiments were more diverse. However because I didn’t have a lot of things to do with the Arabic, that limitation helped me keep the compositions simple. From all my experiments, my simpler ones were definitely a lot better.

Composition - Bodoni - A4 - Vertical.jpg

The critique helped me notice that one of my sentences was broken up in a way that might confuse the order of the sentence. I didn’t notice it before, because I already knew the order.

   I selected and used color in my compositions on what the colors mean:

  • Blue means honor, connected to the word ‘honorably’
  • Yellow means happiness, connects to ‘jovial’ & ‘jubilantly’
  • Orange means cheerfulness, connects to ‘jovial’ & ‘jubilantly’

So at first I used the colors with the word that had the same meaning. Then I noticed that the colors started to make up colors of a parrot, so I added green and red to some of the compositions. The yellow didn’t work well, because there wasn’t much contrast with the white background, so it affected the legibility. Using all these colors also didn’t work well, so for the next compositions I went back to black since it was the best and simplest color.

First Latin Composition Experiments

First Arabic Composition Experiments

   After experimenting with both languages, we then had to refine the sentences in the opposite language of our word. So I took all of my Latin compositions, and I typeset them all to regular and black, so that I can typeset the same compositions in a much simpler way. I limited myself to one or two different ways of typesetting for each composition to make sure that I create compositions that are simple and minimal.

First Latin Composition Refinements

   After the critique, we were told that we needed to place the text on the page with an intention and make informed decisions on everything we do with the compositions. That we should use grids, modular or organic, to align the text with each other, and make sure that things are proportionate.

   It was pointed out as well that we shouldn’t have separated our ‘and’s, which at first I didn’t notice that placing the ‘and’ on it’s own line would bring attention to it. However after I read it again, I noticed that I paused a bit after I read it, which did give it unnecessary emphasis.

Composition -  A3 - Vertical.jpg

Composition with the separated ‘and’.


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