M+P // Signs / Week 2

First Draft of Sign Sketches

Because we couldn’t use the crossbar, we had to experiment with different ways to say no. I started to research different ways that I could represent no, most of it was about how to say no in a more polite way, and not visual ways to say no. I then found a list of ways to say no that had thumbs down and the mathematical symbol for empty set. I found the empty set symbol ( {} ) very interesting, and I thought that might work if I make my vernacular math geeks who like to drift. So for my initial sketches I just used the empty set and the color red to say no. When we started to discuss our signs in our groups, someone suggested I use the hand icon for stop, which would work as a substitute for no, so for my second experiments I incorporated the hand sign as a no. We also found out that we didn’t change directions a lot, and played only with traffic sign styles rather then experimenting with other ways to represent the action. So for the second draft I used a detailed illustration of a car from my imaging project to test if that type of style would work as a sign, an abstract representation and the adjusted silhouettes from the first draft.

Second Draft of Sign Sketches




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