Type I // Word / Final


Final Word Poster

Challenges I faced while working on this project:

  • Using superglue and tweezers to make the words was a challenge at first, because the tweezers couldn’t hold on to the gear for long, and I started to get superglue on my hands. So I decided to wear gloves and use my hands instead, which sped up the process.
  • For the really small gears, I couldn’t hold them and place the superglue directly on the gears, so I put the superglue on that area and then placed the gear on top.
  • Placing the gears on the metal base in a way to make sure the gears don’t look like a pattern.
  • Trying to balance out the spread of three metal colors, so that one color doesn’t condense in one area, and make sure that the colors don’t make a pattern.
  • As I was overlapping the gears, sometimes they wouldn’t glue on because they were only supported by a quarter of the gear below it. I solved that by looking for gears that were smaller, and can fit underneath. So that it could be supported, and not fall off if I moved the word.
  • Making the gears and tools look naturally placed on the working surface, rather than looking staged. I had to drop them multiple times, and in groups, so that they look as natural as possible.

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