Type I // Word / Week 4


   After I finished the first layer of silver gear, I set up the word and tools just to have an idea of what it may look like. I was initially going to add the metal gear, but I liked the subtle shades of silver that the shadows made on the gear and decided to keep it simple. After I got feedback on Monday, they suggested I go to actual repair shops and either look for inspiration from them or just place the word directly there. I went to two different places and they both were small and didn’t really work out.11.jpg   So I looked online and noticed that most benches had a green working mat on top, and the most recurring color was green. So I placed an upside down cutting mat on a cardboard to emulate the working surface and added the tools organically rather that placing them precisely like I originally did.3.jpg   Leland thought I should add the other metal colors, I was hesitant, but gave it a try anyways. After I tried it, I still didn’t think it looked good, and felt like the contrast between the silver and brass were too stark. Untitled.jpg   So I stayed with the silver and shot the background and words separately and photoshopped them together, because the word was too big to fit in the background. I first tried shooting with the tripod, but in order for the tripod legs to not cover the word and background, I had to zoom out a lot. I thought that if I then crop and scale up the image, the resolution might not be as good. So I held the camera directly above the word and used the align marks on the viewfinder to align it as best as I could. I then fixed the perspective a bit in Lightroom to make sure it was exactly a birds eye view of the word. I tried shooting in different places, and found that the morning lighting in the saffron hall was the best, because no shadows appeared on the background and word.


Initial Camera & Tripod setup

Word Poster edited 1.jpg

First Version of Word Poster

   After the second critique Leland still thought I should continue with the other metal colors and just move a few things around on the background. After adding the color metals I still felt like something looked off about it. So I went back and looked at my previous photos of my first attempts and online photos of gears and realized that it was off because it was very flat, and the gears weren’t overlapping each other, and gears aren’t placed flat on a surface they are stacked.

61.jpg   So I mixed in more silver on top and overlapped all the colors together, not separating the layers to silver and brass & copper. After I fixed it, I finally saw that the mixed metals do work well together. I learnt that you can solve a problem by doing enough research and working hard.7.jpg

Different Background Iterations


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