Type I // Word / Week 3

Experiments with ideas for the concept and context:

  • Plants & Nature

I reattempted the plants and nature idea by adding flower petals to the leaves, so my concept for this was that nature is organic, the opposite of mechanic and precise. For the background, I thought of either setting it up in a flower shop, because that’s where flowers get trimmed and organized in a more ‘precise’ way.


  • Mechanical & Technology

I used a charging wire to try and make the first letter of my word, the concept was that mechanical and industrial processes are very precise, so I used a wire to represent these ideas, for the background I thought of placing it on a metal plate, to contrast the white of the wire, and to emphasis the mechanical process.


  • Heartbeat

One of the Arabic definitions of the word was ‘heartbeat’, so I tried to make the word out of metal wire to recreate a heartbeat line. For the context I thought of maybe placing it on a white paper, as if it was printing off the scanner, or on a hospital bed.


  • Clockwork Gears

   One of the Arabic definitions was the sound of a second clock hand moving. So I thought of using gears to make the word, and then add a second clock hand to link it to the definition. Because my gears arrived on Tuesday, I couldn’t bring in the experiment on Monday, so as soon as I got the gears I tried to make the first letter and it was the most successful out of my experiments and it had the strongest concept.

  I choose the font Janna LT Bold for my final word. I choose it because it has both pointed corners and curved edges, which is a good balance between sharp and blunt. The curved edges juxtapose precise, and the sharp corners reflect precision. I made it bold so that I had enough space to place all the gears.


I tried different clock hands. The red hand worked best, because it contrasted the metal much better than the silver hands.

   Because the background of the word shows through the gears, I wanted the background to be metal so that it blends in with the metal gear. It was hard to find a store that could laser cut metal. After going to four shops, a sign shop was able to cut out the letters but not the gear detail, just the circles. I then tested out how the laser cut metal would look like if I covered it with silver gears and if the background would blend in with the gear.


Laser Cut print file & Laser Cut Metal with Gears

   For the context, I had an idea of using the universe as a background, because the clock gear represented time and the stars represented space. However Leland and Law thought I was thinking too big, and I should think of a more realistic context. So I thought of placing it in a clock repair shop on a working bench with tools laying around the word.



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