Type I // Word / Week 2

   After we typeset the five pairs of words in the ten fonts, we printed them out on A3 and laid them out in the saffron hall. It was interesting to see all the words laid out in a grid next to each other. Looking at the words from the top, and comparing them with each other, made me notice the negative space and kerning between the letters because they were much bigger than usual. I also noticed that the Arabic words stood out a lot more than the Latin words, because of the short length of the words and the nature of their letterforms, they fill up the page more. After that we had to pick twenty five words and analyze them, compare them with other words, and/or specify what needs to be kerned on the paper.

Some of my Analysis

   We also had to kern our chosen word. I choose the word “دقة” the Arabic word for ‘Precise’, because the variety of meanings and definitions I found for it generated the most ideas for materials that I can use for the final word, and helped make the concept a lot stronger. Because my Arabic word was kerned really well and I didn’t need to add kashida. I kerned the opposite Latin word “inaccurate”. Printing out the word while kerning helped me prefect it, because it really does make a difference when you see the word and the negative spaces physically rather than on a screen. 

Inaccurate Typeset.jpg

   For the Arabic word, I was in between two fonts, so I decided that after I choose the material I would decide on the font that works best with my material.


Janna LT Bold


Tanseek M Bold

   For the next class we had to bring in material studies for our word. I used materials that oppose the meaning, and materials that support the meaning of precise:


Another word for Precise was accurate, and an x-acto blade cuts very accurately


Staples are manufactured very accurately, therefore they can represent precise.


Plants are natural, and nature grows organically, so they’re the opposite of precise.


Cotton is very soft and fluffy, the opposite of sharp and accurate.


Cotton buds are also fuzzy and soft, the opposite of sharp and precise.


Tape was just experimental, I was using it to tape things down , then tried to use it as a material. It was hard to work with and was very ‘imprecise’


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