Type I // Word / Week 1

   The first part of the project was looking for definitions of the forty words that we were given. Ten pairs of binary opposites in  Latin & Arabic. As I was reading the words I understood more Latin words than Arabic words, because I’m not used to reading or hearing proper Arabic in my life. Then I started to compare the Arabic to it’s Latin binary opposite to find out what the words meant. 

   For the research, I looked for definitions, synonyms, antonyms, origin of words, and quotes from different sources to get a better understanding of each word. For the Latin words, reading the synonyms helped me understand them more, because I was able to read more about the word in the synonyms than in the definitions. I learnt a lot by researching the Arabic words, since I found a lot more definitions for one word compared to my Latin Research. That’s because all Arabic words are based off of three or four letters, so I found meanings for the different versions of the word I was looking for. This helped me a lot in my material studies, because it became a source of inspiration for the type of materials I can use for the words.

Some pages from my Research

Five pairs of Arabic/Latin words that I was more interested in working with:

دقة / inaccurate

I choose this pair because of the variety of definitions I found for precise in Arabic. For example, for heartbeat I could use wires to recreate a heartbeat line. For the sound of a moving second hand on a clock, I could use either clock hands or gears to create the words.

  saccharine / مرارة

Bitter in Arabic has a lot of different meaning, like it’s a word for bile, and it’s a type of food, so I could use that food to type the word out.

مزخرف / austere

I choose the Arabic word for ornate, because I think I could use Arabic ornaments to create the type, and compare traditional Arabic ornaments with modern and plain materials.

tidy / إضطراب

I liked the diversity of definitions I found for Chaotic in Arabic. It’s described as either political, psychological or natural disruption like waves, earthquakes and unstable weather. I could create the negative space of the word by using cotton balls or foam to recreate a hurricane

euphoric / شقاء

A synonym for euphoric was cloud nine, so I could use cotton balls to recreate fluffy and wispy clouds


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