M+P // Object Poster / Final

Final Poster Screen.jpg

Intention of:

Individual Elements:

  • The Background

The colorful noise background denotes the old video media that usually has that noise and distortion.

  • Scratched CD

The CD represents old media, and the scratches index the scratches on the VHS window.

  • Bright Legos

Both the brightness and legos index childhood and play.

  • Dark Legos

The colors represent the colors of the VHS tape. The darkness also indexes our life now compared to our childhood; as kids it was all about playing, and now there’s less play and more work.

  • Rough lines

The straight lines that become rough is a symbol of a distorted timeline, because if you use a time machine and go back in time you would distort and change the timeline.

  • Tapes

The tapes are just icons for tape, and their bright colors index childhood.

  • Ripped Paper

The ripped paper is an icon for rip, it indexes how worn out the VHS tape is, and it’s dark color represents the VHS tape’s color.

  • Font for “Back to the 90s”

The font I used is blocky and rectangular, which indexes the shape of the VHS tape.

Effects & Techniques:

  • Weaved effect of tapes and lines

The weaved effect came from all my experiments with weaving paper, it indexes complicated, which is a keyword I had in the ‘them’ column.

  • Legos through CD

As the legos go through the CD, they change from bright to dark colors. The CD represents a time machine, and as it moves forward it goes to the present, the dark legos, and as it goes backwards it goes to the 90s and my childhood, the bright legos.

  • Roundness of CD & stepped ends of tapes

The hook is the bright legos and the CD. So as you read your eyes land on the CD, which helps move your eye around the CD, so you see the stepped ends of the tape, which move downward, moving your eye to the “time machine to your past…” and the ellipsis move your eyes back down to the bright legos, creating a cycle.



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