Imaging I // Week 3-5 / Overview

Image Research 

We were introduced to the three types of images: Poetic, Persuasive & Pragmatic. Then we started looking through books and online to find more images for Poetic & Persuasive images. I found out that most images are actually a combination of the three, and it’s hard to find images that are solely one of the three.

Some of the Poetic Images

Some of the Persuasive Images


Country Research

For the here and there project, we had to research three countries and Qatar, my three countries were Cuba, Ivory Coast and Spain. We got 34 questions to research about each country. I looked for both visual and written information. I learnt a lot of new things through the research. For example, I always thought that Cuba was a poor country and that they weren’t that educated because of all the restrictions they had from the US, however after I researched it I learnt that they’re actually a very educated country, because education is free for everyone, and they all have the opportunity to finish higher education.

After that we had to narrow our research for three countries to five topics for each, and then curate a wall with images of each country.

I was interested the most in Cuba’s classic cars. So for my final project, I decided to compare the classic cars of Cuba to the sports cars in Qatar in an illustration book. How Cuba values and takes care of their old and classic cars, and how Qatar values the modern and luxury cars. So I started researching Cuba first and all the classic cars that were there, not just any classic car.



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