Design Tech // Week 2 – 5 / Overview


Week 2 – Scans & 100 Things

We brought in a variety of black mediums to work with, and started to doddle our names and abstract forms. Then we started to vectorize our doodles, by either capturing them in the Adobe Capture app on our phone, or moving around the doodles on the scanner bed to create happy accidents.

Some of my Scans

For the next class we had to come in with a 100 things made on Illustrator, this was so we can experiment with the effects and basic tools of Illustrator. I made a system for some where I made ten different iterations of the same basic form. This helped me reach 100, and I realized that iterations can be a useful tool to make a lot of things quickly, and that even though they were iterations they could still look interesting.

Some of the 100 Things

Week 3 – Minimal Systems

Because the 100 things ended up being very complicated forms, we were asked to use the four basic shapes: square, circle, line, triangle, and two shapes combined, another shape and scans, to create 10 iterations for each. The first one ended up being complicated because we used a lot of effects on the basic shapes. So for the second version we had limitations: we couldn’t use effects, and we had to use only three shapes. It seemed challenging at first, however when I started working on it, and made small changes to the iterations, I realized that being limited to a few shapes can actually make the final form interesting, because you have to think about the composition of the shapes.

First Complicated Grid

Grid - 1.jpg

Second Basic Grid

Grid - 2.jpg

Week 4 – Vectorizing Real Objects 

We were given a variety of objects and toys to vectorize and turn them into flat illustrations on Illustrator. Then we had to create an abstracted avatar of ourselves. I really enjoyed this exercise, because I loved how simple shapes can be manipulated to resemble a real 3D object.


Week 5 – Mural Designs

Our group is called the Maxi-Minis. A combination of maximal and minimal, because two of us were really interested in minimal forms and the other two were interested in maximal forms. So we worked separately at first and made some options for our murals, then we choose the best elements of each and combined them in one mural. We then realized that it was to complicated and busy, so we simplified it to one minimal form and one maximal form. I learned that less is really more, and limiting the amount of forms on a page can help make it much more powerful and clearer.

First Mural Options 

Combined Murals

Final Simplified Mural

1Artboard 5.jpg


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