M+P // Object Poster / Week 5

   From all my color iterations of the poster, I thought this one worked the best, because the others were either too centered, too simple or too complicated.

1Artboard 11.jpg

   For our tiled A1 poster I played around with the orientation of the poster. I found that the landscape actually fit better for my poster, and complimented it’s structure a lot more. I then started to make small iterations of the landscape poster.

Landscape Iterations

   When I choose the best composition, I rescanned the objects at the right resolution for the A1 size, and remade the poster. This is the poster that I then tiled for the Haterade critique:

Artboard 1.jpg

   These are the critiques I got from my classmates, and below them are my responses:

  • Change pink tape to green

After discussing the poster with Leland, he gave me a yellow tape that he had in his office that is the same texture as the tape I used. We choose yellow because there was no yellow in the legos, and we thought it would compliment the legos well.

  • Remove the McDonald’s text on the tape, no clear connection to poster

I didn’t realize that McDonald’s was distracting, because I knew what it meant. I also didn’t realize that it had the most impact because it was the biggest text on the poster. So I cropped it so that the blue text is still connected with the other blue texts on the poster, but it’s illegible to avoid it being distracting.

  • Make the legos brighter

I edited the brightness of the legos so the colors popped out a bit more; so that they could create a better contrast with the background, but not too much that they become overexposed.

  • Too dark, needs more contrast with background

I reduced the opacity of my background so that the colored specks could become more brighter, therefore contrast the darker colors on the foreground.

  • Keep only one rough line, the other two stay straight

I tried it out, but I think that all three lines going from straight to rough symbolizes a distorted timeline a lot better.

  • Change placement of “time machine to my past…”

I placed the text there so that it can be linked to the distorted timeline, if I changed it’s position it would change the meaning.

  • Green lego is is upside down.

That was a kind of lego in the box, I didn’t think it was distracting, but after hearing that I went back and changed it so that they all look like the same kind of lego; so the emphasis would be on the legos instead of that particular lego.

  • Add depth to legos

I think the shadows around the round parts of the legos is enough depth. Because I want the flatness of the poster to mirror the flatness of the VHS tape medium.

  • Make “time machine to my past…” bolder

Leland also suggested that I make it bolder so that it doesn’t fade into the lines, I liked how it was the same line weight, but I do agree that making it bolder works better because it emphasizes the text more.

  • Does the tape have to be blue?

It does because it represents the color of the writing on the tape

  • Change repetitive colors

I noticed that the two blue tapes merged together, and the weaved effect wasn’t as clear, so by using different strips it made the weaving effect clearer.

  • Scale up the important text

I noticed that as well after printing that the “Back to the 90s” was too small, so I scaled it up.

Artboard 1.jpg

This is my edited poster that addresses all the feedback I got back from my critique.


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