M+P // Object Poster / Week 4 P2

   Out of the thirty signs that we made, we had to choose ten to twelve and use them to make four posters for the next class. We got into groups of three and helped each other choose the ten to twelve signs. Telling them about the signs and hearing their feedback helped me know if the signs I made were clear or not. For example I had this slightly abstract vector shaped that I thought resembled a scratched CD quite well, however when I told them about it they said it’s actually more abstract and using an actual scratched CD that I made before would be a better icon for it.

    I then took these ten signs and started working on the posters. I decided to not stick to the exact images I created before, but use the material or technique to create updated images that would work much better together; since I didn’t have the poster in mind when I was making the images, and they didn’t really work together in their original form. So for example, I used the blue tape and bubblegum as strips of tape, and I scanned the legos in a straight line, so that the images can be coherent and consistent and work well together on the poster.

process 4 2.jpg

First Iterations of Poster

   After we got our critique I realized that I wasn’t supposed to create iterations of the same poster, but I should’ve created four different posters. So I went back and tried out different ways of making the poster using the same images. However I found that the original compositions worked better.

Experimental Posters

   I tried out different backgrounds and found that the color noise was the best one to use, because it matches the aesthetic of the poster and it denotes the noise that is found in most of the old media like the VHS tape. I played around with the placement and compositions of the various images I had and came up with these iterations.

Color Iterations of Poster

The feedback I got from the groups helped me improve the poster, because I wanted to keep the poster within the color scheme of the original object, but the group thought I should add more bright colors to balance out the dark colors. I thought that it wouldn’t work out well, but when I gave it a try, it ended up looking a lot better. I learned that I shouldn’t limit myself, and that trying out different things could sometimes work out, and that I’ll never really know unless I try it out.


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