M+P // Object Poster / Week 4 P1

   After we were introduced to Semiotics in the previous class, and the three types of signs: Symbols, Icons & Indexes. We had to start converging and make ten symbol, ten icons, and ten indexes, that we can then use for the final poster. So I laid out all the images that I already created and looked at them. Then picked the ones that I thought worked well in capturing the word it represented.

   Making icons seemed easy at first, because an icon is what it is. However because most of the images I created were linked to the object, I found it hard to decide if the icon was an icon or an index. So I reminded myself that I can’t do anything wrong unless I do nothing at all, which helped me not over think things and just start making. Even though most of my icons can become indexes, I counted them as an icon, because they were a representation of the word I was using.

   I found indexes easier to make, because most of the things I already made before were indexing something. I merged two ideas, images or techniques together for some, so that the index could be clearer and more meaningful.


I merged the weaving technique with the vector cassette tape, to create a sign that indexes a VHS tape, and communicates the word ‘complicated’, a keyword from the “them” column.


I merged the clear tape with the weaving technique, to index the shiny black tape inside the VHS, and to connote the word ‘complicated’.


I took the best elements of the two, the form of the digital elephant and the colors of the paper elephant, and made it with felt. So the aesthetic connotes ‘childhood’, the medium connotes ‘smooth’, and the elephant connotes ‘heavy’.

   Making the symbols were also tricky, because we were asked to limit the use of typefaces as a symbol, but because I could only found four non-text symbols, I decided instead of using typefaces to write out the rest of the symbols, that I could use materials to make up the letters for some of the words. For example I used bubblegum to write tape, and legos to write play.





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