M+P // Object Poster / Week 3

File_002 copy 2.jpeg

   In our last diverging stage of the project, we were asked to create forty more images that can be linked back to our keywords, meanings, definitions or paragraphs. Forty images seemed a lot at first. However as I started working, it wasn’t as hard as I thought.  I wanted to explore how different my images would look if I remade them with different materials. So from all the images I had already created, I choose the ones that I was most interested in experimenting with, and made them in an opposite medium of what they already were. So for example, if they were digital illustrations, I made them by hand, or I recreated a photo digitally, and so on. I wanted to see how the syntactics effected the semantics of the signs.

Blog process week 3 6.jpg

The original image of the gum works better here; because when I simplified it to basic shapes it became too abstract, and it didn’t denote the gum anymore.


Even though both trucks have a childish aesthetic, the one made of construction paper works better, because the medium can be linked to children using it in school to make things. So the form and medium help in adding more meaning to the icon of the truck.


The paw was the first experiment in trying to show the word ‘scratches’. I found that eliminating the paw and just showing the claw marks helps to denote ‘scratches’.


Taking the basic shape of a memory card and creating a simple vector form helped in removing all the unnecessary information the first image had, like the brand name and the size.

   I then went back to my mind maps, and expanded on a few, and then collected the new words, and the words I generated before but didn’t try making yet. After I collected all my ideas, I organized everything into groups according to what medium I was using to create them. Because I find that organizing and making a rough plan of what I will do helps me manage my time well. So that instead of going back and forth between the laptop, camera and materials, I finish taking all the photos against the white background, then finish all the images that were made with paper, and so on. So that no time is wasted and I can get into a rhythm that helps me work more efficiently.



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